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Talking to DoD Program Offices



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4 sessions

About the Course

Program Offices are the key to scaling inside the Department of Defense.

They hold the budget, and make determinations about how end-user requirements will be met. If you don't have them, your path to scale is blunted. But with many programs that move tens of billions of dollars at a time, your small company doesn't rank!

How do you talk to a program officer to catch their attention?

How do you bring them through a sales process?

And ultimately, how do you win?

This online course will go in depth with guest speakers who have been on both sides of the table -- as the government customer, and as the DoD sales rep -- to help you move from pilot to production in the Defense Department.

You'll leave armed with the tools and perspectives you need to execute effective DoD sales campaigns.

This course will cover:

  1. Who's Who in the Zoo: how can you identify the program office that's right for you? Once you know where to go, how do you know who to speak with?

  2. What does a Program Officer look for: when is the right time to approach a program?

  3. Conditions for success: what separates successful sales campaigns in program offices from the failed ones?

In addition to live (and recorded) course sessions and all course material, every participant will become a member of the Front Door Community, giving you access to fellow participants and course mentors to support you on your journey.

Your Instructor

To be Announced

To be Announced
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