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Protecting Your IP Rights in DoD



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Intellectual Property (or "data rights") are a huge sticking point with the Department of Defense.

Language is vague, frameworks are unclear, and the government asks for more than it needs.

Negotiating data rights can be incredibly costly - both in time and money.

But it doesn't have to be.

In this course you'll hear from current and former government contracting officers, IP lawyers, and DoD salespeople who have successfully navigated the IP minefield to get companies on contract, fast.

You'll leave with the frameworks and knowledge you need to protect your IP while providing the government the comfort it needs to move forward with your company.

In addition to live (and recorded) course sessions and all course material, every participant will become a member of the Front Door Community, giving you access to fellow participants and course mentors to support you on your journey.

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To be Announced

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