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Demystifying Defense Tech



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4 sessions


About the Course

Defense Tech has been an insider’s game. Not anymore.

Defense Tech is a crucial industry for America’s competitiveness. But few people know how it operates, and the different players involved.

Whether you’re “defense curious,” committed to breaking in, or transitioning civilian or military moving into the private sector, this course is the intro you need to achieve the impact you seek.

Whether this is your first step or your “second act,” this course will prepare you to navigate the crowded terrain, and translate your skills and experiences to this mission-critical context.

This course is packed with 4 live sessions and over 8 hours of actionable content, direct instructor engagement, and live learning.

Topics Include:

  • What is defense technology?

    • Who buys it?

    • How is it sold?

    • How is it sustained

  • Who are the players in the defense technology ecosystem?

    • Legal

    • Government

    • Primes

    • Startups

    • Consultants, and more

  • What kinds of jobs exist in the industry, and which should you go after?

  • What does it take to successfully build a defense product?

  • and much much more...

Every participant will have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching with course instructor(s), and will get lifetime access to the course Community and Notion.

Your Instructor

Noah Sheinbaum

Noah Sheinbaum

Noah learned the defense tech industry from the bottom up. He consulted for the primes, did strategy and design work for the federal government, and was one of the first business hires at defense startup Rebellion Defense. He launched Frontdoor Defense, an education, research, and training platform to make it possible for more mission-driven leaders to succeed in the industry as founders and operators. And he founded Defense Tech Jobs, the premier newsletter and jobs board for the defense tech industry.

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