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Building a Winning Defense Tech Events Strategy



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6 sessions

About the Course

Overwhelmed by the incredible buffet of defense events taking place on a daily basis across the country?

We got you.

Events are an incredible way to source leads, employees, and to understand new opportunities. But they can also be a huge distraction. In this 6 session online synchronous course, you'll learn about the different kinds of defense events and how they can help you grow your business. You'll leave with a clear strategy and an actionable plan - and a community of builders who will hold you accountable along the way.

Sessions will cover:

1) Conferences - What's with all the conferences? Which ones should we go to? Who should be there? How do we make sure our time is well spent?

2) Pitch / Demo Days: What are they? Who should use them? When is this a good idea for your company?

3) Trade / Company events: What's the difference between an event hosted by a trade association, a company, or a service branch? Which are the most important for me to be at?

4) Exercises: When should we start bringing our tech to exercises? Are these worth it? How do I get in? How do I ensure success?

5) Sponsorship: When is sponsorship worth it? What should I get out of my sponsoring opportunities?  

6) Building a Cohesive Events Strategy / Roadmap: How do we put all this together to help you WIN?

Every participant in this course will gain access to the course community, resources, and special events discounts ONLY for Front Door members.

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To be Announced

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